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Welcome to "All Things Tomato Canning" – Your Gateway to Tomato Mastery!

🍅 Unlock the Secrets of Tomato Preservation 🍅

Ever wondered how to transform ripe tomatoes into delicious preserves?

Join our course to master the art of safe tomato canning using both water bathers and pressure canners. 

🌱 Delve into Tomato Variety and Acidity:

Immerse yourself in the world of tomatoes as we explore their diverse varieties, acidity levels, and how growing conditions shape their flavors. 

🎥 Visual Learning with Comprehensive Videos:

Watch and learn as we guide you through the canning process step by step. From preserving diced and whole tomatoes to crafting Latin Sofrito and mastering blanching/peeling techniques, our videos make learning a delight.

📊 Interactive PDFs for Culinary Math Mastery:

Conquer culinary math with our interactive PDFs equipped with audio guidance. Learn to convert fresh ingredients effortlessly and discover the mathematics behind shopping for commercially canned tomatoes. 

📦 Hot and Raw Jar Packing Techniques:

Uncover the two main forms of jar packing – hot and raw. Gain hands-on experience as we demonstrate the pros and cons of each method, adding a layer of versatility to your canning expertise.

🍬 Sweet Treats and Podcast Extravaganza:

Elevate your culinary repertoire with ways to use tomatoes for sweet treats. 

🎓 Learn at Your Own Pace for Just $35 

Gain almost 2 hours of expert teaching with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Our course offers unparalleled value providing you with the tools and knowledge to become a tomato canning maestro.